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How to READ EMAILs on a CENTOS Unix Server
mutt -f /var/spool/mail/root

This is a command that will allow you to read your mails on a centos server.

PHP_CodeSniffer - Pear - PHP
phpcs - PHP Codesniffer

Project Manager here is the tool for your developer.
That will guarantee at least a clear code. It won't guarantee your developer's logic but the code will be readable.

$ phpdoc -d [SOURCE_PATH] -t [TARGET_PATH]

This tool is great to create a quick API for your web Applications

phpdoc -d . -t doc/ -ti 'API Aptnewyork' -dn aptnewyork

Architecte de systèmes d'information - New York City

L’architecte s’assure que les techniques, technologies et outils
répondent au besoin du domaine Portail & e-Marketing.

- Il propose des scénarios d’évolution et/ou de transformation du SI
- garantit la cohérence globale et la pertinence par rapport aux besoins métiers et sa performance.

Principales réalisations :

- participer aux études et projets de refonte de la plateforme Portail & e-Marketing en France et à l’international,
- définir et valider la conception générale des solutions (CRM Online, Search Engine, SSO, Mobile …)

Web Project Director Development 2010-present

The Director of Web Technology is responsible for leading and directing all technical aspects.

The Director of Web Technology leads a multi-disclipinary team of web developers , programmers, and designers to execute the system e-strategy in a platform. Must have a solid understanding and appreciation for technology. In collaboration with the Director of Consumer Web Strategies and Director of Employee Web Portal. Oversees the development of a web content architecture that maximizes search, navigation, usability, functionality and supports back-end analytics.

Web Project Manager 2009-2010

Web Project Manager

- Project Management - Outsourcing Team 5 people (Philipinnes - NY city)
- CMS expertise
- Ecommerce Expertise.
- Recruitment
- Project Management
- Install and develop free Intranet for better communication
- Implement new processes of communication
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

David Raleche - Quotation

"I'm an experienced developer whose strengths are listening to my clients, translating their needs into technical requirements and solving problems for them, just as if I were doing the same for my family. These strengths have been the cornerstone of my success in every position I've held in my career."

David Raleche

Master Information System - Graduation - December 2008

Rapid advancements in technology, dynamic markets, and the changing global business environment have created increased demand for professionals who can lead, manage, and deliver information systems. This demand has been accelerated by new competition, shorter product life cycles, outsourcing, and more complex and specialized international markets. Information systems professionals are required to lead and evolve information resources while partnering with corporate management.


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