Database Singleton

A singleton allows access to a single created instance - that instance (or rather, a reference to that instance) can be passed as a parameter to other methods, and treated as a normal object.


//Database singleton
include 'class/Database.php';
$db = Database::getInstance();


* Database Singleton
* @author david raleche <>

Class Database {
        private $_db;
        static $_instance;

        private function __construct(){
                $serveur = 'localhost';
                $login = 'YOURLOGIN';
                $pass = 'YOURPASSWORD';
                $bdd = 'YOURDATABSE_beta';
                $status = $this->_db = mysql_connect($serveur, $login, $pass);
                mysql_select_db($bdd, $this->_db);

        private function __clone() {}

        public static function getInstance(){
                if(!(self::$_instance instanceof self)){
                        self::$_instance = new self();
                return self::$_instance;


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