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Webmaster - Expedimot

Expedimot Web Address : http://www.abc-lettres.com Technologies : • Languages : PHP5, HTML, XML, JavaScript • Database : MySQL • System: Gentoo, Windows • IDE : Dreamweaver • Modeling : MCD, UML • Application Server : Apache Job Description : Implementing a web application which permits the online writing and the online sending of real mails.

Java Developer - Senef (French Police Force)

Senef Consulting (contract with "Gendarmerie Nationale" French Police Force)

Technologies :
• Languages : Java, HTML, XML, FOP, XSLT
• Database : MySQL, Oracle
• System: UNIX-AIX, Windows
• IDE : Eclipse
• Modeling : UML
• Application Server : JOnAS, Tomcat
• Frameworks : JSF, Hibernate, Spring, SEAM

Job Description :
This project consisted in the development of a web application used for vehicles rentals in J2EE.

Webmaster - Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology
Web Address : Stevens

Technologies :
[Typo3, Ajax, Php5, Flash CS3 action script 2.0, Coppermine]

Job Description :
- Flash Animation Development
- Ajax modules Development
- Integration into Typo3 of an Internal Image Gallery (Coppermine)

Certificate of Patent Senior Technicians (BTS) – Computer Science (Specialization: Developer) (2003-2005)

C (Programming language)

It is a mini UNIX command interpreter. This interpreter must display a prompt and wait until you type a command line, validated by a newline. The prompt is again shows that after the end of the implementation of the command.
Source Code: Here

In mathematics, the factorial of a non-negative integer n, denoted by n!, is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n.
Iterative Version Code Source : Here



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