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Avoid Github to enter username password

A common mistake is cloning using the default (HTTPS) instead of SSH. You can correct this by going to your repository, clicking the ssh button left to the URL field and updating the URL of your origin remote like this:


Application scaffolding is a technique that allows a developer to define and create a basic application that can create, retrieve, update and delete objects. 

add new PATH ubuntu - add laravel executable

export PATH="~/.composer/vendor/bin/:$PATH"
source ~/.bashrc


ECMAScript (or ES) is a trademarked scripting-language specification standardized by the European Computer Manufacturers Association in ECMA-262 and ISO/IEC 16262. It was created to standardize JavaScript, so as to foster multiple independent implementations.


Javascript Jargon

VanillaJS is a name to refer to using plain JavaScript without any additional libraries like jQuery.


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