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Apache returning


Something holding the response of PHP ... It could be anything(actions) mail sytem, database too slow etc..

Always check the logs (mail and database)

Replace string in MYSQL

update apartment set `description_web` = replace(`description_web`, '[EN]', '');

empty file in Unix

How to empty or clear the contents of an existing UNIX file

ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file

[root@ mysql]# service mysql restart
 ERROR! MySQL (Percona Server) PID file could not be found!

Wordpress - Difference between Plugin/Widget

 Widgets are placeholders or user interface elements that present data or an user interface to the user.

A plugin is a collection of files that either change the way WordPress functions, or adds/removes functionality.

Plugins are written (mostly) in the PHP-language and they are stored in wp-content/plugins directory. These plugins can be activated or deactivated through the WordPress admin panel by the blog admin.

PHP Manual Language Reference Predefined Interfaces and Classes


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