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About Us

About David Raleche - Chief Information Officer





Who am I ? I am an Information Architect with a strong technical background. I studied at EPITECH where I got a Masters degree in Computer Science. Then I moved to the United States of America where I got another Masters degree in Information Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology.

What do I do ? I do a lot of things such as Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Unix Administrator, Database Administrator, IT consultant, IT recruitment, IT Project Management, Web Analyst and Web Marketing Strategist (SEO-SEM) and much more ...

Am I Different ? Doing all of these tasks gave me today a critical and necessary understanding of making successful Websites/E-commerce etc... Go to RALECHE.NET. I am passionate about and completely involved in Web Technologies and Web trends. I love my work and I hope that my findings in this blog will help you out.

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Quick API Refactoring - here


About Jonathan Kim - Project Manager




My name is Jonathan Kim. I was the Project Manager at Urban Living. I am a graduate from Stevens Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelors' Degree in Engineering Management. During my time at Urban Living, I have been taught many new skills, including project management, quality assurance, web developing, and SEO marketing. It was a wonderful experience being in such a welcoming environment. I learned something new each and every day at Urban Living and I hope that any future interns will as well!

Websites that Jonathan has worked on:

About James Wong - Web Project Manager




I am currently a Senior at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) majoring in Information Technology. During my time at NJIT, developing computer software has been my primary interest of focus, especially with the Android mobile platform. During my time here in Urban Living, I wish to develop and learn new skills in Quality Assurance Management because I believe it is a good skill set to have in the software development industry. I am a giant geek and a very nice guy with an awesome mastery of telling extremely cheesy jokes.I look forward working with the team here at Urban Living and having a fun learning experience throughout this internship. Feel free to contact me at

Websites that James works on:

About Nirmala Dube - Social Media Marketing Intern

My name is Nirmala Dube. I'm an independent business owner with Amway International and an entrepreneur. I'm currently going to school at Borough of Manhattan Community College. I've worked on various tech internships from the TYESA Robotics Internship as a Project Lead to interning with Urban Living. I am passionate that your body is a temple and that you should treat is as such. I live a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle and promote health, happiness, and serenity in my life, and those around me.

Previous Interns

About Yan Zhen Lin - Php Developer

My name is Yan, I live and work in New York City. Currently I am a recent college graduate working as an IT and web developer at Urban Living. I am a aspiring software and web developer. I am currently learning website management and creation using content managing systems. My main task is to extract data from a postGres database and query it into a mysql database. The goal is to develop a streamline program where the data migration from one database to another database can be done in a automatic fashion to increase efficiency.

Websites that Yan worked on:

About Fertian Liauw - Php Developer

My name is Fertian Liauw and I graduated from CUNY Bernard Baruch College with Bachelor in Computer Information System.  I always have passion in design and technology.  I am currently interning in Urban Living as a Web/PHP developer. You can contact me at

Websites that Fertian works on:

About David Blech - Php Developer


My name is David Blech. I live in Brooklyn, NY and worked for twelve years in the real estate consulting field. My career is on to another stage now, pursuing computer programming. In an internship at Urban Living—following coursework at CUNY—I am learning dynamic website development using the PHP scripting language.

One of my extracurricular interests is genealogical research. I also volunteer every Wednesday, co-leading a workshop on clutter management. Feel free to contact me at

Websites that David worked on:

About Uma Moiseenko - Php Developer


My name is Marina Moiseenko, also known as Uma. I am a PHP Developer intern at Urban Living. Having graduated from LaGuardia Community College in February 2013, I am looking forward to learning more about the Web development. I enjoy the most back-end development and happy to have an opportunity to get a hands-on experience in this field at Urban Living. 

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